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Communication Platorm

All your communication channels directly from your browser: Local Recording, Phone Communication, and Video Communication

Speech-to-Text Transcription

Using most advanced AI Model

Exclusive Data Extraction

Use Custom Prompts designed for your professional requirements, or take advantage of the available ones. Define the key points to be precisely extracted for completing your forms.


New : Detachable Control Window

This feature, available exclusively for Chrome users, allows you to detach the control window and keep it in the foreground, even when switching tabs or using another software.

Diplop Store

Take a tour in the Diplop Store and buy the official omnidirectional microphone to enhance your recording quality

Diplop API (Soon)

Use the Diplop API to easily integrate Diplop into your apps.

Basic and Premium plans

Our Basic plan is perfect for individuals and small businesses just starting out. With the Basic plan, individuals and small businesses can easily transcribe speech to text locally, and modify their transcripts with Custom Prompts. ensuring quick results without any cost.

If you're looking to elevate your transcription experience to encompass phone or video calls, our Premium plan is the perfect fit. This enhanced offer unlocks the ability to transcribe conversations in real-time, making it invaluable for those who often communicate through calls.

Determine your needs, make your choice, and let us assist you in harnessing the power of accurate transcriptions.